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Latest Projects

1. MSFC Project

  • Developed and Implemented Modular Product Architecture [MPA]
    • Provided support as MPA subject matter experts
  • Provided Windchill, MPA, and Pro Engineer support to the design community
    • Mentoring
    • Training
    • Pro-Engineer “Best Practices”
  • Provided expert support for the creation and implementation of the
CAD Standard and associated Desktop Instructions
  • Provided Windchill customization in support of the release process for models and drawings along with associated configuration management activities
  • Provides SharePoint customization in support of Upper Stage activities

2. JWST Project

  • Worked on the design for the BSF, Backplane, and the BSTA Test Article
    • PMSA fittings
    • Radiator panel
    • Misc. gussets, brackets and fittings
    • Composite Tube Structure
    • Test fixtures and tooling

3. Space Shuttle Orbiters Project

  • Reverse engineered the forward avionics bays for all existing orbiters into Catia V5 from NASA Shuttle Legacy drawings

4. Satellite Programs Project

  • Reverse engineered and designed installation assemblies for multiple satellites
    • Composite structural panels
    • Heat pipe networks
    • Antenna structures
    • Ground Support Equipment [GSE]
    • Critical clearance analysis
    • Large assembly management
    • Launch vehicle integration
    • Bus and Payload electrical units
    • Instrumental in developing

    CAD Standards and best practices
    • for use with Pro-Engineer