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Kickoff Service (Initial Installation)

The Windchill Kickoff service from Centauri DMS Inc has been developed based on years of experience implementing Windchill products.
  • Analyze Hardware to determine effective use of PDMLink based on projected use of the system.
  • During this phase of the project a Centauri DMS -Senior Windchill Consultant will focus on educating and guiding the management team on evaluating the project scope. This includes initial evaluation of hardware, human resources, and cost on a realistic schedule for a successful project.

Windchill Administration

  • Upon installing of Windchill, close monitoring of the system is necessary to ensure the system is performing at peak performance.
  • During this phase of the process a Centauri DMS – Windchill Consultant will focus on educating and guiding the technical team on proper monitoring techniques to ensure maximum efficiency and utilization of Windchill.

Business Process Analysis

  • To ensure a successful implementation of Windchill requires that the expectations are well defined and known well in advance.
  • During this phase of the process a Centauri DMS – Windchill Consultant will facilitate requirements gathering. A Gap Analysis is performed between your unique business process and by the standard processes provide by Windchill Out of the Box (OOTB) product. Desired capabilities and features are evaluated to determine estimated cost for value. Centauri DMS Inc experienced Consultants will help by reducing cost by avoiding unnecessary customizations facilitated by having intimate knowledge of Windchill core functionality.
  • Once a Process Gap analysis is performed we go in and implement the required process and configurations to meet your unique business needs.

Custom Development

  • In instances when OOTB configuration does not satisfy your unique business needs, Centauri Developers are trained to create any unique customization.

Data Migration

  • Centauri DMS Inc migration service can help you overcome the obstacles typically associated with data migration such as time, cost, application downtime, and loss of productivity.
  • A Centauri experienced Windchill Consultants will help address many of the typically foreseen obstacles along with the unique challenges presented during each migration.
  • Preserve data integrity and availability
  • Migration of customization porting over from Template Processors to JCA framework.
  • Modeled to Softype

Performance Optimization

  • Your Windchill System needs proper maintenance from time to time, without this maintenance your system will grow slower during the course of time.
  • A Centauri Windchill Consultant will measure the performance of the system in varying conditions. This information is then analyzed to derive a unique solution to increase system performance.